Spectacular Portugal!

San Lorenzo Golf Club If you are like me then the only thing that turns your attention to Portugal is it's most famous product - Port! And I really do enjoy a glass of aged vintage port, but I enjoy a sun drenched day on a stunning golf course a lot more. Portugal is very often overlooked as a golf destination but there is so much that it has to offer over just about every other golf destination in Europe.

The two primary golf destinations in Portugal are the Algarve in the south and the Lisbon coast in the central part of the country.

Definitely one of  Europe's best destinations when it comes to planning the ultimate golf vacation, the Algarve is home to over 30 golf courses and offers an extensive array of accommodation, ranging from vacation homes to golf resorts and hotels.

Algarve Golf

Long known as a beach destination, it was the legendary Sir Henry Cotton who started golf in the Algarve in 1966 when he transformed a rice field into a beautiful course - the first of three at the Penina Golf Resort. While in the Algarve be sure to visit Portimao and Vilamoura, which is regarded as the crown jewel of the region. Temperatures are mild here and peak season is actually during the winter months.

The Lisbon coast appears to be the emerging star of Portuguese golf! The Atlantic shoreline provides a breathtaking backdrop at the stunning resorts of Quinta Da Marinha and Praia D'el Rey.

Praia D'el Rey

Portugal seems to be more popular than it has ever been and why not? With the food, wine, weather and now golf that it has to offer who would not want to visit.
If you are looking for a European golf vacation in the sun, you simply must play