Golf's Fundamentals: Ball Position

Ball Position with a Short Iron  The majority of questions I get asked about the golf swing pertain to the fundamentals.  Here is everything you need to ensure proper ball position:

  • The ball should be placed from the center of the stance to the inside of the lead heel - depending on the club being used.
  • The ball should be centered for the short irons, slightly forward of center for the mid-irons and inside the heel for the driver.
  • I prefer a ball position that favors being back in the stance versus forward as when the ball is a little back, it makes it that much easier to get the weight in front of the ball at impact.  A necessity for a compressed strike!
  • A good routine to develop is to start the address by keeping the feet together with the ball directly between the feet.  For a short iron take an equal small step with each foot; for a middle iron take a small step with the front foot and a bigger one with the back foot; and for the driver only step with the back foot.
  • Check your ball position frequently in front of a mirror. Remember, when feel is involved it always feels correct, but sometimes you need to see it with your own eyes to determine whether it is correct or not.

Ball Position with a Middle Iron

 Most of the greatest golfer's of all time used a wide range of ball positions, but it is amazing to me how few of them place their golf ball forward of the position recommended in this article.  Start each shot with an eye towards impact (yes, even ball position helps!) and you too can enjoy more crisp and penetrating golf shots.

The Driver!
The Driver!

Things to Ponder:

  • Okay, there apparently is somebody who gets fired up for the Fedex Cup events - Steve Stricker! He has an amazing record in the short history of the events. Or maybe it's just that later in the season they play on old school northern style golf courses?
  • Greg Norman picks Ryo Ishikawa and Adam Scott for the President's Cup....Whaaaat?  I thought I was in the running ahead of Scott!  Is he trying to play his fellow country man into form?
  • Could there even be politics in the amateur game?   This certainly seems to be the case as the US Walker Cup selection commitee has selected  Peter Uihlein  ahead of the well-respected Dan Woltman. (A post Walker Cup note: Uihlein went 4 out of a possible 4 points and led the US team to victory! Somebody must have known something.)